Friday, October 3, 2014

Walk Right in....Sit Right down....

Yep, walk right in and sit right down.

That has been one of my least favourite aspects of our home....FOREVER.
But, not an easy one to change short of spending a lot of money on structural additions.
not sure if you will all notice a slight change next to the door
in the image posted below.

That is our main entry into our little home.
The "armoire" that is there right now,
used to look like this....

but the right hand side of that "armoire" had been designed to hide the chimney from the old wood stove. Once we put in the new fireplace last year  (seen below) we had to wait until the roof was refinished before removing the old chimney .... you know how those projects leads you smack dab into another?
Ready or not, here we go....!

And of course now that the roof is done
and the old wood stove chimney out
we can finally put in the new entry door.

We have struggled on the selection of an entry door for some time now
but the waiting is over and we have finally decided to match the doors that we already have
in our home.

Like the ones,
off the dining room.... the living room on to the front deck....

Yep, given the design of our home and the existing french doors that can be seen from almost every point on the main floor it seems to make sense...
I hope.

I have struggled with this idea
but at this point my plan is to paint the entry door
black on the outside so it stands apart from the others.
I think the addition of black shutters to the front of our house will also help unify and finish up the exterior nicely.

The table will stay....I think.
The "armoire" will stay....I think.

The arrangement on and above the table is temporary
as the painting hides the hole in the wall from the chimney.

That whole end looks pretty dark right now but that will change.

So, what do you think?
Am I crazy?
And yes, those dark brown chairs just may need some slipcovers....
trust me....they are sooo comfy for reading... crazy comfy.
I think our children may already have put their names on those two chairs
but for the moment they have to stay.


  1. I hope you don't think I'm weird but my eyes went immediately to that painting. Because I love it!! Seriously, it really adds a great vibe. Very warm and intellectual. I want to sit down with my book and ask you for some hot coffee and dessert. :) And regarding those chairs, I've got two expensive chairs that are so comfortable but definitely need slipcovers which are so would be so much cheaper to buy new ones but I hate to give up the comfort. So I understand why your kids want them.
    I can't wait to see how this room evolves....

  2. I love your home, Donna. You have a wonderful style and I know you're still working on it but it's beautiful. Is that the new entry door? The black one? Or are you still in transition. I think a door similar to the other French style doors would be great but painted white inside like the others. I love the old glass cabinet on the table in that part of the room - very European looking. Looking forward to seeing what you do. I love your header photo! Did you build that table? That's what I'd love to have on our deck but a bit smaller. Pam

  3. I love everything you did and can Jack come visit me??? oh and you too !!!...LOL...How do you keep the couch clean Donna? We used to have a cream colored couch and it got so dirty with our dogs rubbing up on it all the time. Love your style, especially the dining room......xoxoxo

  4. Your doors are beautiful and a matching one there at the front will be gorgeous!!! And yes, paint it black with black shutters. I think you have some great plans happening!
    Hugs, Cindy

  5. It all looks wonderful to me. I really like the painting. Wonder if it would lighten up in the area with a wide, gold, antique frame?

  6. I think you have such great style that whatever you do it'll all look great. Looking forward to seeing the inside, now that the doors are in.


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