Sunday, December 28, 2014

I Think She's a Comin' Down

I have a little secret that I try hard to conceal at this time of year.
But, each year, it gets harder to hide.

About 2 days following the 25th...
well, I get a real strong desire to take down the tree.

Yep, about now, I am itching
to remove the ornaments
and haul the tree ...lovingly of course
to the edge of the road.

Oh don't get me wrong.
I LOVE our Christmas tree and all that it represents...every year.

I love all the build-up,
the parties, the traditions,
 the tree-trimming, the unwrapping of ornaments,
the hanging of ornaments, the gingerbread houses,
the music, the hot-rum toddies,
le réveillon,
Christmas morning,
wrapping paper....
and even the mess.

But, right about now I am ready to pack most of it up.

It ends up being a bit of a debate amongst friends and family,
early up and early down?
early up and late down?
you see where I am going with this, right?

One thing for sure is that it can never be up after the 31st... my mother always said that
it was bad luck to have 2 Christmas trees in the same year.

Good strategy mother. :)

Anyway, what is your position on all this?


  1. I'm with you, every year I want it all taken down sooner than the year before! This year was the earliest ever - it was all down on Boxing Day! lol I feel at peace now :)

    Happy New Year!

  2. ha! I just wrote a post about just the opposite! though I do understand the sentiment!

  3. I'm an early up and early down ... my daughter, however, is a late up, as in Christmas Eve!, and late down. I'll be packing up tomorrow.

  4. Oh no I'm early (as possible) up and late down. Your tree is so beautiful I couldn't bear it!

  5. My mom said it was bad luck to take the tree down before New Year's Day. That's usually when mine comes down. I decorated late this year so I'm not in a rush to take it all down.

  6. Ours will be up until at least the weekend. I love the lights although this year I'm getting antsy to 'tidy up' the place. I never heard of the bad luck thing. lol Last year I left it up until the 6th. I just left the crochet snowflakes and icicles on it. This year I didn't put the snowflakes on so it will all come off at the same time. I wish you and your family a wonderful new year, Donna. Blessings, Pam

  7. I love this dilemma. As I grew up and had the chaos in my house.... I better appreciated my mother's superstition regarding two trees in a calendar year. It is a wonderful excuse to bring calm and peace into the new year. Of course, I also now realize why she preferred us to put our presents away. As a child I resisted, as a mother with other guests visiting I realize that we need the room. But whenever the tree comes down and the presents are stowed in their place doesn't really matter.... it is the memories and rituals that I revisit each year with a smile. Merry Christmas to you and your family and may the New Year bring you joy and happiness.

  8. I usually take mine down during the Twelfth night... That is when I have one... At least, this year I don't ask myself when to put the tree down.

  9. Ha! I took ours down the morning of the 26th.....but in all fairness, it was killing my allergies. But I do keep most Christmas decorations up until after Twelfth Night!

  10. Our tree goes up the beginning of December (and down around the 5th of January) ... just before school goes back. It's also the anticipation of seeing those lovely lights and decorations in my neighbourhood, and living in a cold climate at Christmas that I enjoy.

  11. I will take ours down on Jan 1st...the only thing I will not look forward to is the way the house will look a little blah. Happy New Year to you!!

  12. I'm taking Christmas down only on the weekend - but now I'm wondering if that's where all my bad luck is coming from !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The house always looks cold to me when everything gets put away !
    Happy New Year Donna

  13. I agree, down it comes along with all the other Christmas stuff. Makes for a lighter, brighter home heading into a new year. Patty/NS

  14. I take it down on January 6 on the feast of the Magi, which is 12 days after Christmas. That was my parent's tradition. xoxo

  15. Traditionally they should be taken down before Twelfth Night which is the night of the 5th and I have 10 days off from the 5th so I'll be doing it then.
    I like to keep them till then because I enjoy them and it takes so darn long to get them up in the first place !


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