Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Epiphany Feast

Well, sort of,
and yes, 4 days late.

But there is a reason for this.

You see,
our cell phones were humming on the 25th,
as one member of our family came down with a 24 hour gastro...
you know,
the bad one,
the talking on the big white telephone variety...

Christmas dinner was cancelled, more or less,
well we were three still standing
or rather sitting around the table to enjoy a feast meant for many more,
and well,
we had to tell people to,

stay home, don't come,
yes, we do have an 18lb farm fresh turkey cooking in the oven but you still should not come.

My husband had made his pumpkin pie as always,
yes, we have fresh cranberry sauce and danish potatoes....oh boy that is always a tough go crazy for those buttery caramel-y delights.

Yes, there are salty caramel squares, hello dolly's and pecan balls.
Perhaps I can tin them and send them your way? 

No I won't go into any more detail, don't worry.
So I am planning an Epiphany dinner ... of sorts...this weekend...
to replace the Christmas dinner that never happened.

There is probably some Irish superstition that makes all this brouhaha a terribly bad idea
but I don't want to know if that's the case.

I mean after all, I remember camping with our children when they were quite young and by accidental chance....does that make sense???.... we stopped at a campground that celebrates Christmas in July.

The kids absolutely loved it and well, so did we.... it entertained the kids for a day or two and they were sooo excited to see Santa on a 4 wheeler ...
and well,
I loved the fact that it all happened without any need for gift-giving
and hey Santa could actually swim??

So, this Saturday night we are pulling out all the stops,
as many as possible that is...
and recreating Christmas or Epiphany or maybe I should call it what it is....
a brouhaha dinner.

Did you know that brouhaha in the dictionary is defined as being larger than a kerfuffle.

I am thinking I will gather up some fresh pine boughs and haul out the odd ornament and make a big centre piece of sorts for the dining table.

Definitely going to bake this cake for the kids.
Raclette will be fun as well, and give a chance for all the adults to drag out dinner around
the table...

Which by the way, everyone in this house loves to do.
Perhaps we need more comfortable chairs around that table given the desire to sit there for hours on end?
Hmmm, that could be my excuse... for new ones...chairs of course.

Anyway, I will keep my camera handy for some raclette shots as everything on Pinterest
looks a little too much like an advertisement for a cheese company or
a lure to get you to purchase a raclette maker.

So, yes tomorrow will be TGIF for everyone.
Or, happy brouhaha!!


  1. Well, I'm so sorry all your Christmas dinner plans had to be put on hold due to the flu. That happened a lot everywhere at Christmas I think. But. At least you can make up for it and have a big feast this weekend. I hope all are well and can come and enjoy it. Don't forget to take pictures. A friend got a raclette maker for Christmas and loves it but I haven't a clue what it is or does. lol I need pictures! Have fun!!

  2. So glad you are feeling better to celebrate! I got my hubby a raclette maker for Christmas and am looking forward to our first meal with it. Take care and happy celebrating!!

  3. I'm sorry sickness put your dinner on hold, but it sounds lovely plan! xoox

  4. My oven broke the week before Christmas (apparently it's unfixable !) so instead of cooking the turkey and all the trimmings in my very Christmassy house, I had to haul it over to someone else's not so Christmassy house.
    Still, it's about getting together whenever that may be. Enjoy the brouhaha x

  5. That dessert looks killer, I hope it turns out perfect and is enjoyed thoroughly! Enjoy the 2nd take of Christmas dinner! Same thing happened at our house 2 yrs ago. I was very sick, the turkey was donated and I called everyone to cancel. Unfortunately I forgot about our single neighbour and yup, she showed up at the door with a bottle of wine and apologies that her sister flew in and she was unable to attend. Saved by the bell on that one! Enjoy your meal completely! Patty/NS

  6. I hoope your very special dinner is going well... Yum, yum!

  7. Sounds amazing, hope you all have a wonderful epiphany dinner! And no Irish superstition that I can think of!!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful idea. I hope you enjoyed it!!! A post poned Christmas dinner is better than non at all. Your feast sounds amazing!!!!

  9. I hope y'all had a wonderful celebration! We love us some raclette whenever we go to Bachelor's Gulch, Colorado. YUM!

  10. Holidays sickness is the worst. I am sure your Christmas celebration dinner was worth the delay.


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