Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fire Pit 101

Inspiration pics aside.... today I finally built myself an outdoor firepit.
I did a little research on building stone walls and decided that I should just start creating...
so that is what I did....dove right in!
I started here with our newly completed hill.
The fall leaves that were starting to cover the hill gave me a sense of urgency to complete the project.

Before: Hill that we had to construct to deal with an erosion issue.
I cut into the side of the hill and placed two old cement pavers down to get things started and create a standing platform.
This summer I have been digging up rocks from all over our property to be ready for a few projects such as this so rocks were not an issue.

My trusty helper Jack.... take note of his paws!

 Then I started to build the lower wall of the firepit and topped that off with another pair of cement pavers... (re-purposing pavers instead of throwing them away)

The next part was easy and more or less a job of finding the best matching rocks for the back and side walls.
Of course I had to test out a fire in the new pit!!
 Not sure these pics are doing it justice but it will be a lot of fun for fires and barbecues!
I am going to put some muskoka chairs in front of it with a big bench and we will be all set.

Fairly rustic, nothing fancy and 100% home grown...well rocks and labour that is!
Below is a view from the upper part of the hill.
You can see some of the fire which is going full force in the fire pit at the bottom part of the hill.

An afternoon project completed! And another part of the metamorphosis of our yard!

On to the next one......

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  1. Holy, moly, that's not a fire pit. It's an outdoor fireplace! Did you build that all by yourself? I'm impressed! You will have so much fun with that. ~ Maureen

  2. Wow - great job!!! I'm jealous - there's nothing like an outdoor fire in the fall!

  3. Good for you! I love your fire pit. It came out really well and I'm sure you will enjoy many hours around it in years to come. I can just picture you in your Adriondack chair with a warm drink and cozy blanket this weekend. Enjoy!

  4. That is one awesome fire pit! I love how you built in into the hill. It's so much more interesting than a typical fire pit. How great that you did it yourself, you rock girlfriend ;)

  5. This is fantastic!!!!!! What a cool idea, I can't wait to Stephen is home to show him this, he will love it :)

  6. I like rustic and not too fancy and love this. We love our little fire pit but this is so much better. Muskoka chairs are the best for lounging. Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Great job on the firepit. I bet it is going to get a lot of use.

  8. Inspiration! I have wanted one too, and you did it in an afternoon, with supplies you had! No kidding, right? That means I can as well, yes? Thanks for showing your handiwork, and enjoy!

  9. I am SO impressed! You did this all by yourself. Yay!
    I had to look up Muskoka chairs. They are what I know as Adirondack chairs.
    Again, I way proud of you.


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